In collaboration with The Department of French and Italian and the College of Humanities at the University of Arizona, Contemporary French Civilization published by Liverpool University Press is pleased to organize an interdisciplinary conference on contemporary French and Francophone civilization and cultural studies.  Join us in a revitalizing setting in the Sonoran Desert to reflect on the field and the journal.


Contemporary French Civilization is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to French-speaking cultures throughout the world.  The journal receives many exceptional submissions in French cultural studies; the editorial board is keen to increase the number of submissions from scholars currently conducting very exciting research on Francophonie.  For the 2019 conference, colleagues who are working on a variety of cultural issues and approaches in French and Francophone studies will assemble to present their work.


Based on the success of our 2015 conference in Baltimore, “Contemporary French Civilization at 40,” the conference organizers – Dr. Denis Provencher (U Arizona), Dr. Nicoleta Bazgan (UMBC), and Dr. Alain-Philippe Durand (U Arizona), the 2019 conference will continue with a two-pronged approach: 1) papers and sessions devoted to position essays assessing the state of the field in French and Francophone cultural studies; and 2) papers and sessions devoted to original analytical papers on a multiplicity of cultural productions, artifacts, and fieldwork from the late nineteenth century to the present in the French-speaking world.